9 Tips for Growing World-Class Legs


Here’s a list of tips I suggest if you want to build great legs:

1)Lose the shoes. 
Take your feet out of restrictive footwear and build foot strength. Start by just walking or doing bodyweight exercises with bare feet and work your way up.

2)Stand on one leg. 
Increasing the stability at the foot and hip is very highly correlated with single leg stability.

3)Stay in your active range of motion.
If you don’t know what this is, watch the Sunday Squat Series video 1 here (or continue to suffer the consequences). 

4)Master lunges.
I believe this is the most highly correlated exercise with great leg development. There is a lot of nuance to a perfect lunge, but once you understand a few simple principles, things start to fall into place.

5)Fix your lying leg curls. 
You’re doing them wrong. I promise. Unless you’ve learned them from me, and spent a year mastering them, you’re doing them poorly. Learning to do these with pelvic stability will improve your squat and overall leg development. 

6) Master your squat. 
Watch these 5 short videos in sequence and pick up my free 
quad training guide here

7)Balance exercises that are internally stabilized (squats and lunges) with ones that are externally stabilized (hack squats) in your programming.

It’s easy to spend more time on the movements you “like” but this is doing yourself a disservice. 

8)Intentionally train stability at the foot, hip, and trunk.
Your ability to contract and therefore build muscle is governed by stability. 

9)Use your workout as a daily opportunity to be present and mindful. 
Rather than mindlessly zoning out during your workout, start paying attention to your breath, how your muscles feel, and when it becomes challenging—and intentionally lean into challenge. 


Live your greatest life in a body you love,


Coach BPak


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