105 – Q&A: Setting priorities – and getting groceries – during quarantine


For this episode of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, Ashleigh and Ben dig deeper into living your best life during the quarantine. We talk about keeping your sights set on priorities, shopping and stocking up and finding the time to work on projects that you really care about. Ben muses about a day that recently went awry and why that might have happened before the conversation turns to evolving as a person through natural phases in life and the habits that allow these important changes to occur easily. Focus is always something that is emphasized on the show and today is no different; being able to say no, remain steadfastly locked in on your objective and ignoring everything else can bring you so many rewards in this current crisis and after!

Ben and Ashleigh share their current food shopping habits and why a fully stocked freezer is something to get really excited about before the conversation turns to industry and supporting local businesses so they do not get completely bulldozed by huge corporations. The last parts of today’s Q&A chat are spent talking about constant movement during a regular daily routine, fasting while in quarantine and the benefits of allowing your body to get hungry!

Thank you to our awesome show sponsor, makers of my favorite grassfed collagen and powdered MCT: BUBS, a company making just a few extremely high-quality products and giving back a whopping 10% of their sales to charity. I use their powdered collagen and MCT in my coffee every morning. Use the code INTELLIGENCE for a full 20% off your purchase HERE.


  • The importance of anchors and helping others for staying on top of our priorities. [1:04]
  • Becoming a new person and transforming habits to suit your current needs. [4:15]
  • Ben’s experiences integrating physical aspirations into a different phase. [7:10]
  • Saying no, focussing and leaving enough space for what is most important. [12:06]
  • Different shopping and grocery habits during the quarantine. [16:19]
  • The emphasis that the COVID-19 crisis is placing on what is essential in our lives. [19:50]
  • Supporting local businesses instead of huge corporations as things shift. [22:54]
  • Ben’s weekend yoga course and the disappointment of not completing it. [26:03]
  • Unconscious movement and the ways that we burn calories during the day. [30:26]
  • Longer fasting periods while at home during the quarantine. [34:30]
  • The magic of hunger and playing with the fire until it is your friend. [39:59]
  • Exciting news about Ashleigh’s new recipe book! [41:30]
  • The process of writing and Ben’s hopes for finding a mentor for a project. [45:49]

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