101 – A New Deep Dive on Peptides with Expert, Ryan Smith

Peptides will most likely be a familiar term for most listeners of this podcast, with awareness of their benefits and effects growing steadily during the last part of the 20th century and into this one. Today we are joined by Ryan Smith, one of the top three leading experts on the subject of peptides! He […]

096 – Where passion meets purpose: becoming a change maker with Dr. John Berardi

The new book by Dr. John Berardi, Change Maker is one of the most informative, inspirational and all-encompassing books on health, fitness, and business available. Ben has been completely blown away by its scope, philosophy and the depth of work and thought that has obviously gone into it. We are so lucky to have Dr. Berardi on […]

094 – Q&A: The Benefits of Living a Proactive, Rather Than A Reactive Life.

Welcome back to the show everybody! For this Q&A session, Ben and Ashleigh are tackling some deep and esoteric questions around objective structures for your life, questioning our surroundings, the legacy of family experiences and the minds of sociopaths! Ben has just returned from Bali, back to the cold in Canada and he starts off […]