127 – Q&A 127: What does human connection have to do with fitness?

If you listen to your body as you exercise, you can feel your emotions arise to the surface. Many people try to mute out these feelings, or they exercise to distract themselves from feeling. In today’s episode, Ben and Ash talk about why it’s important to listen to your body and work through your feelings. […]

126 – Revolutionizing the meat supply industry with Belcampo CEO Anya Fernald

With all the unhealthy, unethical meat being produced and distributed in the US, the time is ripe for people to start doing things differently. Enter Belcampo, a company that is revolutionizing meat for the wellbeing of people, animals, and the planet. Today we have their co-founder and CEO, Anya Fernald, on the show to talk […]

125 – Q&A: Learning to ask the right questions

Welcome back to another live edition of the Muscle Intelligence show! Today we focus on giving you some new perspectives on your exercise routine and this Q&A session looks at more effective ways, taking inspiration from the strategies of great people as a jumping-off point. We are really aiming to give you a new paradigm […]

123 – Q&A: Why mentorship in the fitness industry is so important

We are live again on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast and today you’ll hear all about Ben’s different courses and workout plans, the work of a few brilliant past guests, a few tips for resetting your neurochemistry, and more! Our exchange begins with Ben talking about his new mentorship program, coaching certificate, and email squat challenge. […]

121 – Understanding the metabolic approach to cancer with Dr. Nasha Winters

With the general risk of cancer only set to increase during the current generation, we face the hard reality of these dangers lingering in our lives. Dr. Nasha Winters is an expert in the integrative approach to fighting cancer and having successfully warded off multiple bouts with the disease in her own life, is positioned […]