The Truth About Metabolism, Animal Protein, and Insulin | Dr. Ben Bikman

It’s Dr. Ben Bikman’s third time on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, and with good reason: Dr. Bikman’s knowledge of human metabolism is matched by few.  He is among the world’s foremost scientists on metabolic health and insulin resistance.  Much of Dr. Bikman’s recent lab work is focused on the pathogenicity of chronically elevated insulin.On today’s interview, […]

Muscle Building and Nutrition Highlights

The last two months of the Muscle Intelligence Podcast incorporated a few of my favorite subjects: • Muscle Building: From intentionality to load progression. • Nutrition: Tips for longevity AND metabolic health. • Effective behavior change patterns to help you implement a plan. I’ve picked a handful of listener favorite episodes to highlight in our […]

Using Real-Time Data to Improve Metabolic Health with Kara Collier

Today on the podcast, I’ve asked Kara Collier, Registered Dietitian, to join me in a discussion about revolutionizing preventative healthcare. It’s her mission to empower people with the knowledge to effectively monitor, optimize, and sustain their own metabolic health. Today’s episode will give you tools to help you understand how to eat — how to manage […]

Aging Backwards with Mark Sisson

At age 68, Mark Sisson looks 35. I want what he’s having. Mark is the EPITOME of health and wellness, and has mastered the art of aging backwards. I invited Mark onto the podcast to deconstruct his habits, knowledge and lifestyle, so that YOU can implement the processes that he shares immediately. You’ll get some key insights into […]

The Path to Mastery

Some people know WHAT they want or what their goal is. Few people know WHY they want it. And a fraction of those people actually know HOW to achieve the results… and not just getting the results, but making it SUSTAINABLE for the long-term. That’s why I brought my good friend, Dr. Trevor Kashey, onto the podcast […]

The Training Mistake You’re Probably Making with Tom Purvis

Muscle Building Month wouldn’t be complete without hearing from one of my longtime mentors and friends, Tom Purvis. I call him “The Yoda of Resistance Training,” and you’ll know why by the end of this episode. Tom Purvis has been teaching personal trainers around the world for over 30 years.  A primary focus of Tom’s work […]

The Catalyst to Hypertrophy with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

How does being sore after a workout contribute to your success?  How can you utilize eccentric loading and isometric training for hypertrophy?  Plus… will glycogen depletion hinder anabolic signaling? Today’s episode debunks the many myths and misnomers of building muscle.  We are joined by Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, a renowned fitness expert, who is widely regarded […]

Solve Stress and Heal Trauma: Nervous System Interventions with Dr. Svetlana Masgutova

How healthy is your nervous system? My latest interview is a special one that covers the very foundations of human performance and muscle building: the nervous system.  If high performance, longevity, and optimal brain function are important to you, this episode is for YOU. Dr. Svetlana Masgutova is the creator of the MNRI® – Masgutova […]