A High-Performance Protocol to Alleviate Stress and Optimize Recovery with Dr. Justin Feinstein

Today’s interview covers an incredibly valuable and time-sensitive topic: managing mental health WITHOUT the use of addictive pharmaceuticals. Dr. Justin Feinstein joins me on the podcast today, to discuss how our fear responses work, effective tools to modulate self-defeating nervous system patterns, and why it matters when seeking optimal performance. Dr. Feinstein, an expert in the neuroscience of fear, […]

Cultivate Mental Acuity and Tap Into Flow with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman #269

Today’s episode offers a unique insight into best practices to sharpen your focus, learning capacity, and overall intelligence…  I often view intelligence in terms of that of a muscle – trainable, but also subject to atrophy if underused. If you seek to not only maintain, but improve on, your mental capacities as you age, this interview is […]

Uncharted Territory Within Modern-Day Masculinity #268

Interested in the 90-Day Body Transformation Program that I spoke about in this episode?  Doors are OPEN until Saturday, October 22, 2022. Head to https://muscleintelligence.com/lean There is a lot of conversation in the health, fitness, and personal development spaces about men today being “soft,” “weak” or “less masculine” than our forefathers… On today’s solocast, I share my […]

From Super Fat to Super Fit: Secrets from a 60lb – Transformation with Drew Manning

Today’s interview is with a guest who found that the secret to lasting body transformation is often most discernible in how we relate to our mind and emotions – rather than just within the confines of training & nutritional programming. Drew Manning joins me to discuss his biggest takeaways from “Fit2Fat2Fit” – his journey to gain […]

The Integrated Process of Getting Fit for Life #266

Interested in the 90-Day Body Transformation Program that I spoke about in this episode?  Doors are OPEN until Sunday, October 16, 2022. Head to https://muscleintelligence.com/lean The secret formula to achieve a peak state of physical fitness is often what’s advertised by coaches, trainers, and biohackers alike… But what most fitness and health professionals skip over […]

Customized Hypertrophy: How to Build Maximum Muscle for Every Body Type #265

I receive countless questions from podcast listeners and Muscle Intelligence Community members who remain convinced that their genetics are responsible for the challenges they experience with building muscle – that they “can’t” grow their delts, chest, or hamstrings because their body just “isn’t built for it.” Good news: you are NOT your genetics. Although your body type […]

Fat Loss for Men Over 35 Made Simple #264

One of my favorite masterclasses from this year was also one of our best attended. Fat Loss and Body Transformation are such important topics to get right, especially because what worked at 30 won’t always work at 40. There are so many misconceptions about how to get and sustain a lean body that I wanted […]