66 Habits for a Lean, Healthy and Muscular Body for Life

Be, Do, Have.  Be the person you want to become.   Do the things they do (habits).  Have the things you want.  Create a time sensitive measurable objective.  You must live objectively if you’re going to succeed at anything.  Set an objective, and start to reverse engineer the strategy, actions steps, and habits to make it reality in […]

The 14 Things You MUST Do In The Gym to Build Maximum Muscle

1. Focus! Focus is the first prerequisite for success in anything. We’ve all seen the person looking around like a squirrel looking for nuts, and never gets anything done. Social media offers many benefits, but focus isn’t one of them. Social media robs us of our ability to focus, and is crushing our ability to […]

12 Rules of Muscle Building

Posture All human movement stacks on top of the starting position of the spine, pelvis, and scapula. Bad or misaligned posture will almost guarantee poor muscular development, imbalances, injuries and lost motivation. The 3 keys to posture? Breathing. Walking. The eyes.Action Item: Sitting up straight is futile. Fixing posture starts with breathing, walking and eye […]

My “Personal Greatness” Assignment

I heard a quote recently that really spoke to me:  “I don’t place my identity on the things that I’ve done in the past. I define myself by what I’m going to create in the future”.    If I rest on what I’ve done up until now, it’s a slow and steady decline into a […]

12 ways to spot a great coach

Everyone seems to call themselves a coach these days, but few actually do it well enough to flourish. Not sure what to do with life but want to help people? -> Become a coach. Faced a few challenges? -> Now you’re a coach. Got in shape once? -> Now you’re a coach. Being a “coach” in 2020 is […]

Nasal breathing for performance: James Nestor

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 136 – The physiology of breath, and its life-changing effects, with James Nestor. This excerpt has been edited for clarity.   Ben Pakulski:  So let’s talk a little bit about what’s happening in the nose when you’re breathing. James Nestor: The problem with mouth breathing is you’re not […]

The Power of Protein

By Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D. Benjamin J. Bikman, Ph.D., a renowned metabolic research scientist, is a popular speaker on human metabolism and nutrition. His book, “Why We Get Sick” offers a thought-provoking yet real solution to the modern plague of insulin resistance and how you can reverse pre-diabetes, improve brain function, shed fat, and prevent diabetes. […]

Ben’s Top Website Resources for Coaches

Aside from MuscleIntelligence.com, of course – here are some of the websites and courses I recommend for coaches, coaches in training, and people who just want to learn more about health and fitness optimization. These are in no particular order, and I’ll continue to add to this list so check back often.   Resistance Training […]

Understanding heart disease with Dr. Stephen Hussey

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 084 – How to Have a High-Performing Heart with Dr. Stephen Hussey. This excerpt has been edited for clarity.   Ben Pakulski: Heart health is a huge area of interest for me. For a little bit of my history, for 20 years I was an aspiring professional […]

In conversation with Dr. David Perlmutter: re-wiring your brain for happiness and success

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 88 – Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking and Lasting Happiness, with Neurologist Dr. Perlmutter. This excerpt has been edited for clarity.   [0:06:04.9] Ben Pakulski: You are ultimately being subjected to neuroscience tactics and principles that are going to make you compelled to use your […]