In conversation with James Fitzgerald: developing your own concept of fitness

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 49: The Art and Science of Fitness Coaching with OPEX James Fitzgerald. This excerpt has been edited for clarity.   Ben Pakulski: I’d love for you to discuss what fitness means to you. James Fitzgerald: Yeah, well, it has changed for me and that’s part of […]

The two most important things to control in your life

By Ben Pakulski “Set the goal of getting in the best shape of your life, not for the end result, but for what it will make of you to achieve it.” We all want to create a life worth living.  “Success,” whatever that means to you, comes down to identifying key targets, executing with discipline and precision, and […]

In conversation with Dr. John Berardi: awesomeness vs. awfulness-based coaching

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 96 – Where passion meets purpose: becoming a change maker with Dr. John Berardi. This excerpt has been edited for clarity. [0:57:01.8] Ben Pakulski: In  [your book Change Maker] you have two amazing chapters, one on coaching and one on business. I think the coaching chapter did such […]

In conversation with Brian Mackenzie: understanding the importance of breath

This is an excerpt from Muscle Intelligence podcast episode 60: The art of breath and human performance with Brian Mackenzie. This excerpt has been edited for clarity. [0:19:30.8] Ben Pakulski: I want to get into the topic of nasal breathing and improved CO2 tolerance being directly correlated to burning more fat as fuel, which is obviously very […]

Avoid these common mistakes when buying olive oil

Contributed by the team at Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Company  Mistake #1: Buying stale olive oil “off the shelf.” Olive oil, unlike wine, does not get better with age. Like milk, eggs, meat, and many other foods, olive oil is perishable. The olive is, after all, a fruit. Similar to other fruit juices, olive oil […]

My favorite keto burger recipe

BEEF, BACON, AND LIVER BURGER Mom told you to eat liver, and now so am I! Organ meat is truly a super food. This easy recipe comes courtesy of my friend Danny Vega, my partner in the Keto Muscle Intelligence program. It’s a simple mix of grassfed beef, bacon, and beef liver – cooked with your […]

My go-to grocery list

By Ben Pakulski I am often asked about what I’m eating these days, so I thought I’d finally lay it all out for you. Of course, this is not a diet prescription for you to follow; this is what I’m eating for my own optimal health and current goals, which are optimal cognition, consistent energy, […]