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Full episode with Matt Beaudreau, Judith Pennington, Bedros Keuilian, Peter Crone, and Ben Pakulski

High Impact Summary | Six-Pillar Series: Mindset

Actionable Resources for Physical Optimization and Personal Mastery

Upgrading your physique and accessing your unique path to peak performance are about SO much more than the conventional constraints of “fitness” and “health.”  In fact, I view mindset as being paramount to both a Lean, Healthy, and Muscular body, as well as a life of greatness.

I designed this new monthly series to give YOU the wisdom, tools, and inspiration to truly become the best version of yourself, and to spread the message of transformation and a life well-lived to others. This exclusive Series highlights my Six Pillars of Health: Mindset, Training, Nutrition, Sleep, Environment, & Breath.

The first in this new series is on the highly requested topic of Mindset – and the steps to master it… put together in a way you may never have heard it before.

You’ll learn:
• How to Identify and CHANGE your Limiting Patterns
• The #1 Indicator of Success in Business, Fitness, and Family
• Why You Get Stuck in Your Comfort Zone, and How to Break Out of It
• How to Use Awareness to Manage Your Emotions and STOP Reactivity
• How to Find Your Purpose and TRUE Individual Fulfillment

Plus, get the episode guide for an easy reference of big ideas and insights – feel free to share it with someone else who continuously seeks knowledge for personal growth.

Today’s Mindset Edition Features:
Matt Beaudreau, a prime example of an independent thinker who is creating a paradigm shift in the spaces of education and parenting.  Listen to my recent full-length interview with Matt here.
Judith Pennington, an expert in the combination of neurology and science-backed meditation techniques that allow practitioners to forge a path of lasting personal revolution.  Listen to my recent full-length interview with Judith here.
Bedros Keuilian, an epic leader who cultivated an eight-figure business empire on his journey from poverty into self-made entrepreneurship.  Listen to my recent full-length interview with Bedros here.
Peter Crone, the “Mind Architect,” who has mastered the art of deconstructing self-defeating beliefs and healing the subconscious mind.  Listen to my recent full-length interview with Peter here.
• And, myself, Ben Pakulski. I share insight into living in your own authenticity, and how to break out of your comfort zone to discover your purpose and live fulfilled.

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

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