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“What are the fundamental programmed roots of your subconscious that gave rise to the identity of who you think you are, that is the precursor to all your thoughts, feelings, actions… and now, the outcome that you have?” -Peter Crone.

Is it possible to reverse engineer freedom by unwinding your own belief systems?  Can becoming aware of your own patterns and conditioning take you out of the subconscious trap of the human mind?  This episode takes the mind-body connection to a whole new level, and explores the possibility of true self-evolution.

Peter Crone, the Mind Architect, brings compassion and patience into his unique approach to unlocking human subconscious patterning, and freeing individuals from their own constraints and suffering.  Listen, learn, and apply:

  • How our comfort zones can keep us stuck.
  • Why awareness is the first step to true freedom.
  • What triggers and upsets can reveal.
  • Where “I don’t know” becomes a powerful phrase.
  • When relationships can be a catalyst for deeper consciousness.

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