Essential Questions for Personal Growth and Purposeful Living with Matt Beaudreau


How do you manage your own mindset, emotions and ultimately… your own personal growth? Ben’s interview with Matt Beaudreau is not only a must-listen for anyone looking to raise their own consciousness and live their purpose, but also for anyone raising conscious, purposeful kids.

Matt Beaudreau is a world-renowned education and personal development speaker. Matt also founded Acton Academy, a global self-directed learning program. The Essential 11, Matt’s podcast, caters to entrepreneurs, highly motivated individuals, and adolescents, to provide tools and techniques for improved focus and performance.

No matter your age, this episode provides plenty of wisdom and introspective practices. Tune in to learn:

  • Where fear infiltrates our lives in unexpected ways.
  • How to navigate unconsciousness within set systems.
  • The most impactful questions that YOU should be asking yourself.
  • What it means to be an “emotional ninja.”
  • Why integrity and growth mindset are such valuable qualities.

Learn more about Matt Beaudreau and Acton Academy:


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