2021, A Year in Review: Muscle Intelligence

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Today’s episode is a special one.  We’ve sifted through all of the amazing episodes we published in 2021 and picked out a handful of listener favorites to kick off 2022 in a BIG way.

These “Year in Review” clips are from episodes that center around Ben’s foundations of building a lean, healthy, and muscular body for life… and fundamentally all things that go into creating high performance. If you’re someone who’s ready to push your limits this year, and bring about transformation in ANY part of your life, this one’s for you!  All of the full episodes are linked below, and are also available via downloadable PDF: click here for the PDF with episode links and ALL of 2021’s sponsor discount codes.

Thank you to today’s sponsor, Organifi, for hooking listeners up with 20% off!  Use code MUSCLE when you buy the highest quality adaptogenic products to help start the year off right at organifi.com/muscle!

Full episode links: 

1. New Man Emerging with Mike Desanti on intentionality, honesty, and creating the life you were meant to lead.

2. The Essentials for Success in Bodybuilding and Body Transformations with Muscle Nerd Luke Leaman about the art of coaching, and an intelligent approach to individualized client programming.

3. The Power of Your Breath with World-Renowned Breathing Expert Patrick McKeown on nasal breathing and powerful life changes.

4. Create Your Reality to Express Your Greatness with Peter Crone, the Mind Architect, on awareness, compassion, and undoing the programming of our subconscious mind.

5. An Individualized, Demand-Based Framework of Nutrition with Sam Miller on the cyclical nature of dieting, as well as circadian biology and its implication on nutrition, for elite performers.

6. Crush Your Goals by Reframing Your Mindset and Beliefs with Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D. on the latest research around growth mindset, and how to set effective goals.

7. A Muscle Building Framework: What I wish Someone had told me about Adding Muscle and Transforming any Body: a solocast from Ben that encourages you to explore the expansion of the perception of exercise as merely hard work and effort.


Thank you to our show sponsor Organifi!  Shop with code MUSCLE at organifi.com/muscle for 20% off!

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

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