Crush Your Goals by Reframing Your Mindset and Beliefs with Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D.


How can you overcome obstacles to changing your behavior, achieving your goals, and living your greatest life? Tune in as Ben and guest Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D. discuss techniques to frame your mindset so that you can effectively set goals, build habits, and go above and beyond success!

Kasey holds a Ph.D. in psychology, with years of study focused on fixed versus growth mindsets within behavior change, specific to health and fitness.  Kasey has changed the lives of 100s of men & women by guiding them through motivation and habit formation.  Kasey also mentors coaches through her own Health Mindset Certification Program, and holds a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

Whether you are committed to your own goals and performance, or are coaching others towards excellence, this episode is for you!

Your mindset is the lens that you take to see the world with; it’s how you assign meaning to things. – Kasey Jo Orvidas, Ph.D.

Learn more about Kasey:

Instagram: @coachkaseyjo


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