Over the past 12 years, today’s guest Luke Leaman has taught thousands of personal trainers and coaches how to get better at their craft, and how to build great careers.

The co-founder of Muscle Nerds first picked up a barbell at 8 years old and never stopped. After attending a Poliquin seminar, he was hooked and eventually ended up working for Charles and travelling the world teaching. Helping others and this industry are his passion.

Luke’s seen it all, has coached high level athletes as well as gen pop, has an endless thirst for information and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. In this conversation we get into programming and periodization, client assessment, the application of aerobic fitness, exercise selection and more.

If you’re a coach, I highly recommend you get out your pen and paper for this conversation and check out Muscle Nerds via the link below. 


To find out more about Luke and Muscle Nerds, visit:
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[1:14] Today’s guest: Luke Leaman
[2:03] Sponsor: Bioptimizers
[4:26] Periodization and programming
[7:23] Exercise Selection
[10:46] German Body Composition training
[14:53] Programming for Hypertrophy
[16:11] Least mode
[18:22] The art of coaching
[19:16] Client assessment
[26:18] Gut infections
[34:02] Essentials for success in bodybuilding
[37:37] Putting on mass vs. getting fat
[40:04] Getting good at the basics
[49:46] Aerobic fitness
[1:12:25] Where to find Luke and Muscle Nerds


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