123 – Q&A: Why mentorship in the fitness industry is so important

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We are live again on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast and today you’ll hear all about Ben’s different courses and workout plans, the work of a few brilliant past guests, a few tips for resetting your neurochemistry, and more! Our exchange begins with Ben talking about his new mentorship program, coaching certificate, and email squat challenge. This brings up the topic of how to target the intended muscles and our hosts also share some thoughts about what it takes to actually undergo a mentorship. It’s all about mindset, and Ben takes the opportunity to complicate conventional understandings of this term, arguing that many other factors influence a person’s neurological state.

Things like genetics, nutrition, light, and sleep all play a role, and so do exercise and gratitude, which means there are steps we can all take to change the way we think! From there, Ben and Ash get into the topic of toxic oxalates in plants, and the brilliant work of Sally Norton, a recent guest on the show. After dipping into the best ways to get your kids to eat what they don’t want to and what supplements to give them, Matt Gallant, another past guest, and his incredible work takes center stage. Wrapping up, Ben gets into a few more of his different workout plans, weighing in on which ones would work best for different bodies and conditions, including people on a keto diet and those with type 2 diabetes.

Today’s show is sponsored by BiOptimizers, a leader in supporting a “biologically optimized state of health” through their range of gut-health and digestive support supplements and other related products. Peruse their products at bioptimizers.com and use the code MUSCLE10 for a discount; Ben specifically recommends their MagTech product, since magnesium is a mineral vital to so many health processes that many of us are deficient in. Go to magbreakthrough.com/muscle to learn more!


  • The teaching methods and goals for Ben’s coaching and mentorship courses. [0:17]
  • What to expect from Ben’s squat mastering course and the great response it has had. [7:01]
  • How Ben tells if students are truly committed to or just interested in his teachings. [11:56]
  • The value of eventually being accountable to yourself; knowing your ‘why’. [14:58]
  • How habits, not just thoughts, shape your brain; using exercise to shape ‘mindset’. [15:57]
  • Ben’s technique using gratitude to get over incidents that make you angry. [19:44]
  • Sally Norton’s work on the danger of eating plants due to high oxalate levels. [24:53]
  • Using palatable versions of foods to get your kids to eat things they don’t want to. [30:10]
  • Supplements for young children; what Ben gives his kids. [32:37]
  • The amazing use of BiOptimizers and BPC-157 for digestive and inflammation issues. [34:49]
  • Other great products from BiOptimizers and appreciation for Matt Gallant’s work. [38:25]
  • Clear and consistent branding and why Ben updated the podcast thumbnail. [41:00]
  • Ben’s targeted workouts guides and their applicability to all bodies. [42:18]
  • What Ben’s main offering to the fitness community is: execution guidance. [42:18]
  • Full-body workouts Ben offers for type 2 diabetics to re-establish insulin sensitivity. [45:00]
  • The rationalization behind Ben’s ketogenic workouts for people without glycogen. [46:04]

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

Since first lifting weights as a teenager, Ben has been on a mission to do whatever it takes… …to become the most muscular man on the planet! On the eve of The Arnold Classic, he confronts the dark realities of bodybuilding… And his own future! Follow him on his journey…

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