The Benefits of Cold and Heat Therapy for Performance with Dr. Susanna Søberg


Cold exposure and heat therapy are gaining a lot of popularity in the high performance space… And with good reason – these modalities can have a huge positive impact on recovery, stress management, and ultimately, optimal health.  In fact, I’ve found for myself and my high-achieving clientele, that they can be nothing short of life changing.  And so, I sought out an expert to help decipher best practices and protocols.

Dr. Susanna Søberg is a leading international scientist and expert in cold and heat therapy to reduce stress and improve health, sleep and to optimize performance. Dr. Søberg obtained her PhD in metabolism at The University of Copenhagen and has contributed to a deeper understanding of our metabolism and its purpose in adults. Since 2016, she has been dedicated to research into the effect of cold and heat exposure on human health. Dr. Søberg’s interest continues to focus on the connection between our physical and mental health.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  1. How to Activate ALL of Your Body’s Cells with Cold Therapy
  2. Best Sauna Protocols to Improve Cardiovascular Health
  3. How this ONE Kind of Body Fat Boosts Your Metabolism

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