023 – Relieving Stress, Improving Cognitive Function, and Increasing Performance Through Breath with Patrick McKeown

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Time Stamps

  • The autonomic nervous system: The next frontier for human performance and optimization. [7:35]
  • How education is being deflated. [10:20]
  • What is the ‘Bolt Score’ and its importance to the autonomic nervous system. [13:05]
  • What is an optimal level of mercury pressure in the body? How your breathing determines the CO2 in the blood. [20:25]
  • His thoughts on hyperventilation practices (i.e. The Wim Hof Method)? [24:45]
  • What is the duration necessary to elicit this immune adaptation from hyper oxidation? [28:41]
  • Any benefits to breathing 100 % oxygen? [30:21]
  • What is the optimal breath hold duration to increase oxygen baring capacity for athletes? [33:31]
  • The importance of deep nasal breathing to increased performance. [39:07]
  • How mouth breathing is affecting the health of our children + exercises to improve nasal breathing. [47:08]
  • Why is it important to chew well for the development of the jaw? [56:20]
  • What SHOULD breathing look like? The concept of ‘air hunger’. [58:00]
  • The correlation to our breathing and cognitive function. [1:04:12]
  • Are there intervention strategies for people who have that small/sunken back jaw? [1:08:50]
  • What to expect from his upcoming course training at the Mi40 Gym? [1:10:50]
  • The undervalued impact of sleep on the body. [1:14:28]
  • The significance of live one on one training. [1:18:00]

Featured Guest

  • Patrick McKeown (@buteykoclinic) • Instagram
  • Website

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People Mentioned

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  • Apeiron Center (@ApeironCenter) | Twitter
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Ben Pakulski

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