Performance Mindset and Development for High-Achieving Leaders with Dr. Alex Auerbach #354


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I’m continually fascinated by those high-achieving individuals who start where everyone else begins – the thought leaders and brave souls who are truly pushing the boundaries of human potential…

So, I sought out a man who has had the privilege to work with many of these high performers, and who has decoded the precise mindset, environment, and skills that dictate peak performance…

Performance psychologist and coach Dr. Alex Auerbach joins me today on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast. He’s worked with elite teams and performers from a range of domains, including the NBA and NFL, Olympians, Army Special Forces, Fortune 500 Companies, and Venture-Backed Startups.

Dr. Auerbach helps the best athletes and high performers in the world perform at their peak, by leveraging their unfair advantage.

This brilliant interview will teach you how to curate your environment to support your goals, the steps for self regulation that breed discipline, and how to ultimately develop growth mindset where it’s needed most.

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You’ll learn:

  • How to Curate your Environment for Peak Performance
  • The Psychological Skills MOST Important for High Achievers
  • How to Shape a Growth Mindset for Yourself and Others
  • The Concept of Self Regulation to Boost Success
  • The #1 Key to Unlock your Highest Potential

Learn more from Dr. Auerbach:

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