Nutrition Secrets: How to Decrease Inflammation and Eat to Fuel Performance # 272


For every 100 clients who tell me that the #1 thing holding them back is their nutrition… only 10 are actually correct.

The other 90 are held up by habits and coping strategies that manifest in their day-to-day food choices, and their lack of ability to properly digest the food they take in. For these 90% of individuals, it’s more about HOW they eat, and the common state of their body, that holds them back.

You can have the BEST nutrition plan out there, but results will be minimal if you’re consistently stressed out, eating to cope with your feelings, and battling suboptimal digestion.

Today’s solocast is a straight-to-the-point nutrition framework that you can immediately use to assess, and improve on, your nutritional baseline and habits. This framework will allow you to REMOVE the brakes that are showing up in your nutrition plan adherence, so that they can stop halting your progress.

You’ll learn: 

  • The MOST Important Foods to Avoid for Any High-Achiever
  • How to Make Any Diet Plan Feel Less Restrictive and More Fulfilling
  • High-Impact Levers to Cope with Stress, and Stop Self-Defeating Habits
  • Key Techniques to Improve Gut Microbial Diversity and Lessen Inflammation
  • The Carbohydrate-Training Connection and How it Affects Hormones

Don’t forget your copy of the episode guide that maps out the key points of this framework.

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