Master Cognitive Agility and Performance with Dr. Drew Pierson #339


It’s my belief that the pinnacle of health involves having complete control over your nervous system – the highest performers on earth (mentally and physically) can “flip the switch” at a moment’s notice…

When it’s time for the gold medal-winning race, or the moment that could make or break your career, you want the ability to turn ON – lightning fast.

But the ability to intentionally downregulate your nervous system is an art of equal importance.

The masterful skill of brain training is something today’s guest, Dr. Drew Pierson, has spent years studying.  In fact, to put it most accurately, he’s taken the field of brain enhancement to another dimension…

Dr. Pierson has advanced the medicine of neurofeedback therapy from simply treating pathology (such as depression, ADD, and sleep disorders) to enhancing the intricate structures and functions of leadership, wisdom, and awakened consciousness.

The depth that Dr. Pierson brings to today’s interview is truly monumental, and if you’re someone who operates as a leader in your family, business, or community, I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. We cover everything from the intentional training of specific brain wave states for flow, focus, and creativity, to which specific neurofeedback methods can help strengthen relationships, teams, and organizations – and MUCH more.

This one dives deep, and you’ll want to take notes – or, pick up our episode guide at, where I’ve detailed the key takeaways for you.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Use Brainwave Frequencies for High Performance

  • The #1 Tool to Easily Enter the Flow State

  • How to Use Neurofeedback to Enhance Brain Efficiency

  • Effective Brain Training Techniques for Teams and Relationships

  • How to Develop Healing through Cognitive Training

Learn more from Dr. Drew Pierson:

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Ben Pakulski

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