096 – Where passion meets purpose: becoming a change maker with Dr. John Berardi

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The new book by Dr. John Berardi, Change Maker is one of the most informative, inspirational and all-encompassing books on health, fitness, and business available. Ben has been completely blown away by its scope, philosophy and the depth of work and thought that has obviously gone into it. We are so lucky to have Dr. Berardi on the show today to discuss the book and his career and we cannot wait to share this great stuff with all of you! John opens up about the importance of openness to lessons that we constantly encounter, before diving into the ideas of purpose and passion. He shares generously about his own story, the difficulties he had growing up and how an almost fatal car crash changed his life forever.

We get to talk about the centrality of your own unique abilities and how these, combined with your story and values, can help you achieve amazing things and execute your purpose! John has a strong message for remaining true to oneself and ignoring the powerful influence of what others might do, it is your internal guidance that will tell you which way is best. This does not mean you cannot seek assistance, rather success is only real when it is on your terms and unique to you! We delve deeper into the chapters of the book, looking at coaching and business, goal setting and behavior. For all of this and a whole lot more in a jam-packed episode, be sure to listen in!

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  • The impact Change Maker has already had on Ben and his standout chapter. [4:49]
  • Finding ways to internalize important lessons and carrying them forward. [8:11]
  • Purpose and passion; John’s own journey and some of the important moments. [12:17]
  • John’s amazing awareness for getting his life back on track in his teens. [15:41]
  • Advice for the managing the shifts that we have to endure; John’s systematic process. [18:38]
  • How to use your unique abilities, values and origin story to execute your purpose. [22:29]
  • Taking your bearings from yourself and ignoring what you think others are doing. [28:35]
  • A valuable lesson about believability from Ray Dalio’s book, Principles. [34:50]
  • Lessons that Ben learned during his bodybuilding days about theory and reality. [40:04]
  • Weighting a number of believable opinions to have make the most informed choices. [43:09]
  • A parable of a grandma and a turkey on Thanksgiving! [45:25]
  • The ‘jobs to be done’ overhaul at Precision Nutrition for serving clients more fully. [47:40]
  • The chapter on coaching from Change Maker and the lessons in it about care. [57:57]
  • John’s system for goal-setting; focussing on behavior and mastery. [1:04:54]
  • Going deeper with clients using the idea of the ‘five whys’. [1:10:50]
  • The best way to read and work through John’s book for optimum results. [1:15:57]
  • Extra content and material that John is offering online at the moment! [1:17:50]

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