094 – Q&A: The Benefits of Living a Proactive, Rather Than A Reactive Life.

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Welcome back to the show everybody! For this Q&A session, Ben and Ashleigh are tackling some deep and esoteric questions around objective structures for your life, questioning our surroundings, the legacy of family experiences and the minds of sociopaths! Ben has just returned from Bali, back to the cold in Canada and he starts off by sharing how he managed to get some uncommonly good sleep while traveling back. From there the conversation turns to the idea of a proactive approach to your life, staying outcome-driven and how this can simplify your daily choices.

Ben makes the argument that we all have an amazing ability to transform and shape our reality and that through inquisitiveness and commitment we are capable of almost anything. Ashleigh explains a little about what goes into the mind of someone without guilt and how we might all have a little bit of these sociopathic tendencies! We finish off the chat considering applying these ideas of objectifying habits to our nutrition, making it easier to stick to our plans and achieve our goals.

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  • Ben’s recent experiences traveling and thinking about the dangers of the coronavirus. [0:39]
  • The benefits of a proactive, objective life rather than a subjective and reactive one. [2:45]
  • The uncommon and difficult skill of staying outcome-driven every day. [8:09]
  • Transformative power that we all have through the things we can control. [11:48]
  • The externalization of the conditions of our goals; it’s much more internal! [16:44]
  • Having a constantly inquisitive attitude and questioning everything you know. [18:26]
  • Family dynamics and different experiences of growing up in the same home. [21:08]
  • A lack of guilt and what defines a sociopathic mindset. [24:02]
  • Self-preservation, fight or flight states and how this translates into modern life. [27:28]
  • Objectifying your nutrition habits and schedule; different ways to control your intake. [28:54]
  • Ben and Ashleigh’s love for organ meat, olive oil, and BLUblox! [32:26]

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

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