084 – How to Have a High-Performing Heart with Dr. Stephen Hussey


Our guest on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast today is Dr. Stephen Hussey and he is here to tell you everything you need to know about heart health! He gives great insight into the topic and shares a bunch of helpful information, action items, mistakes, misnomers and common things that we need to do to optimize heart health. We discuss cholesterol and just how misunderstood it has been, the carnivore diet, plant toxins and the dangers of charred animal products. Dr. Hussey underlines the harmful effects of sugar and how some of these have been traditionally attributed to saturated fats. We finish off our chat with Dr. Hussey talking about the ‘three imbalances’ and how we can set ourselves up for the best life by addressing these.

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  • Current approaches to heart disease and the three categories that are recognized. [4:49]
  • Understanding the role of structured water in our arteries and exclusion zones. [6:14]
  • Correlations between dental health and heart health; heavy metals and endotoxemia. [13:36]
  • A clarification on the role of cholesterol and how it has been misunderstood. [16:56]
  • Small practices that can impact heart health over the long term. [18:32]
  • The negative effect of eating vegetables on our heart and its functions. [21:54]
  • Impacts of overcooking animal products and the damaging effects of charred meat. [27:18]
  • Best dietary practices for optimum heart health and long life! [28:56]
  • The benefits of CoQ10 and cholesterol on our general health and diabetes resistance. [35:07]
  • Misconceptions about the effects of saturated fats and how sugar is actually to blame. [38:36]
  • Dr. Hussey’s ‘three imbalances’ and addressing all of our evolutionary needs. [43:00]

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Ben Pakulski

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