070 – Talking Sexual Performance and Hormonal Health with Dr. Amy Killen

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Sexual performance is a real thing and most of us have a tough time talking about it! So today on the show, we take a sex life deep dive with Dr. Amy Killen. Dr. Amy is an anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician specializing in aesthetics and sexual medicine. She is an absolute wealth of information when it comes to male sexual performance, male sexual function, female sexual function, and hormones. In this episode, we discuss men’s and women’s hormones at various stages of life and the types of treatments available to treat irregularities to ensure you’re having great sex well into your ripe old ages!

Here, we get into the P-Shot, the O-Shot, and the new GAINSwave technology used to optimize penile erectile function. (Who knew that sending sound waves into your penis could be massively beneficial to improve the quality, size, and durations of your erections!) By the end of this episode, you’ll have a better understanding of your own hormone function at various stages of life, know more about the exciting new treatments available today, and gain valuable tips to improve your overall health and sex life.

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  • Discover your healthy testosterone range and the various tests for hormone deficiency. [4:32]
  • Various ways to help increase your SHBG and free testosterone levels. [6:59]
  • Cases in which you would take estrogen blockers and the side-effects they could have. [7:50]
  • The effects that decreasing progesterone has on women at various stages of life. [9:33]
  • Find out whether HCG and Clomid are effective therapies for low testosterone. [12:11]
  • Using two, four, and six-hand therapy for performance and aesthetic enhancement. [9:33]
  • Injecting your penis: Learn more about full-body stem cell makeover and the P-shot. [14:50]
  • We know size doesn’t matter… But does the P-shot really make your penis larger? [18:15]
  • The importance nitric oxide plays in sexual performance for men and women. [19:53]
  • Sleep, yoga, and walking: Dr. Killen’s basic health hacks that keep her looking 21. [24:29]
  • Thyroid checks, muscle-building, and other key things women need to be optimizing for health. [31:23]
  • Find out the true role that social connection plays in your overall health and longevity. [32:34]
  • Dr. Killen’s thoughts on the ketogenic diet and why she’s a fan of metabolic flexibility. [33:34]

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