Today we’re going to talk to the godfather of longevity, Aubrey de Grey, in the most ironic of settings – a pub in London. Over a beer, Aubrey explains why he believes that many of the typical health practices, such as drinking a lot of water, are myths and what he has discovered about slowing down the aging process. He reckons that in as little as 17 years, aging will no longer be a concern, and he supports this radical standpoint with some fascinating research. He talks about the idea that health is an integral part of longevity and that the seven pillars of aging need to be addressed simultaneously. The seven types of damage occur in and around cells, and he unpacks each of those processes individually. What emerges from our conversation is that a lot of our beliefs around lifestyle, diet, and supplementation are problematic, and Aubrey offers us a hopeful perspective on what science might be able to offer us in the near future.

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  • Aubrey’s role as the chief science officer at the SENS Research Foundation. [4:04]
  • Why the concept of “longevity” can a problematic paradigm in certain contexts. [5:16]
  • A succinct definition of aging and the two processes it involves. [07:08]
  • Damage repair as the best strategy for stunting the course of aging. [08:18]
  • When cells die and are not automatically replaced by new ones, and why it happens. [09:06]
  • The two ways in which one could have an excess of cells and its relation to cancer. [11:19]
  • A breakdown of the four variations of molecular damage to cells. [12:44]
  • Combating damage due to waste products outside and in the space between cells. [16:09]
  • The chemical reactions that cause the elasticity of tissue to break down. [19:34]
  • Understanding that the types of damage accumulate simultaneously. [23:18]
  • Everyday habits that accelerate aging and what we can do to slow the process. [25:37]
  • How new therapies will impact the lives of people today and 30 years from now. [29:01]
  • A perspective on the effectiveness of our everyday health interventions. [31:50]
  • Why supplements are not necessarily benefiting you as much as you think. [35:38]
  • The role of stress and the one thing that all centenarians have in common. [37:25]

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