047 – The neuroscience of enlightenment with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

On today’s episode, we sit down with Dr. Albert Villoldo, founder of the world-renowned Four Winds Society and the Light Body School, to discuss the integration of our spiritual reality with our tangible reality. Dr. Villoldo is a medical anthropologist and psychologist who traded his laboratory for a pair of hiking boots and a plane ticket to study the spiritual practices of the Amazon and the Andes. Inside this episode, Dr. Villoldo shares with us his journey towards spirituality, some of the misconceptions around plant medicines, and how to stay grounded in this spiritual journey that we’re ultimately living. Together with Dr. Villoldo, we discuss everything you need to consider before using plant medicines and how to optimize your body to benefit from the experience. This includes diet, sleep, and other lifestyle factors that impact your longevity and brain chemistry. Dr. Villoldo goes further to explain energy medicine and how it is used to restore mitochondrial health. He also dives into whether or not you should be doing multiple spiritual journeys or just one, why your gut is so important to any spiritual transition, and how to access spiritual states without the use of plant medicines. So tune in to hear a ton of great questions answered today on the podcast!


  • Dr. Villoldo’s journey into spiritual awakening and how it came about. [5:50]
  • Why intelligence, or spirituality, is selected for by biology. [6:53]
  • The concept that enlightenment has been highjacked by religion. [8:15]
  • Four levels of creation: serpent, jaguar, humming bird, eagle. [10:26]
  • Understanding the key components of brain chemistry for transcendence. [12:52]
  • Why using DMT can act as an expedited pathway towards enlightenment. [17:43]
  • How to prepare your body to experience the benefits of plant medicine. [19:22]
  • Importance of going through a whole mind-body healing process. [22:29]
  • The triangle of disempowerment: the victim, the rescuer, the perpetrator. [23:59]
  • How our diet impacts the pineal gland: what to include and what to avoid. [25:42]
  • The process of healing at the source, growing a healthy body. [29:33]
  • Dr. Villoldo’s every day routine in Chile: Grow a New Body workshops. [33:08]
  • First steps to start healing your brain and getting into a higher level of consciousness. [34:40]
  • Ancient systems: story of rapamycin and evolution of mitochondria. [36:48]
  • Understanding energy medicine to restore mitochondrial function. [42:46]
  • Dr. Villoldo’s personal experiences within the plan medicine world. [46:08]
  • How to determine which shaman to trust for your journey. [48:28]
  • Steps to prepare you body for a plant medicine ceremony. [50:34]
  • The diet to follow to remain in an elevated state: hunter-gatherer. [53:38]
  • Dr. Villoldo’s daily meditation practices. [59:29]

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