Today on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast we are very happy to welcome Dr. Tim Royer to talk to us about the mind and the nervous system! Dr. Royer works with all types of patients, from young children to high performing sports champions and has developed a method, using feedback loops and conscious effort to train the mind to navigate its own sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. Dr. Royer tells us how using the machine and data collected, displayed in the form of a data dashboard, allows a participant to start actively learning how to control their brainwave activity. Many of us have heard of the different kinds of brainwave frequency that occur in our minds. With the help of Dr. Royer and this treatment, an individual can better grasp and control which of these frequency states they are in. Our guest starts by explaining how we create and consume fuel for our body to run and then goes on to explain which of the inputs are most important to this process. We also discuss related issues, like PTSD and ADHD and how these can be understood through this paradigm. Dr. Royer shows how these cases are much more healthily and effectively dealt with through learning and practice rather than medication. For all of this and much more, from someone making a noticeable impact on the evolution of humanity, be sure to join us! 


  • The human body is the most efficient power plant in the world! [6:49]
  • A list of the most important components of fueling our energy creation. [9:52]
  • The epidemic of misdiagnosis of ADHD and its contributing factors. [14:57]
  • The centrality of breathing and oxygen and the device to measure this. [20:16]
  • Using a mobile EEG device to map control the breathing and heart rate. [24:28]
  • Understanding the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve. [27:41]
  • Balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems into homeostasis. [28:50]
  • Mastering the way our body reacts to an exterior stimulus for optimum performance. [36:48]
  • Which brain waves fall in each category of activity within the hertz spectrum. [41:33]
  • Enhancing the very healthy frequencies of brain activity. [45:04]
  • ADD and ADHD type brain waves and extensive theta states. [47:48]
  • Is there a relationship between neurotransmitters and brainwaves? [52:55]
  • The primary way to start controlling your own brainwaves. [55:30]
  • Starting from the foundation of breathing and the change this makes. [59:31]
  • The possibility of using virtual reality in this feedback loop to your brain. [1:04:16]
  • The actual treatment programs that Dr. Royer and his clinic offer. [1:06:25]
  • Exit strategies from habitual pharmaceutical treatments.
  • And much more!

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