Welcome back to Muscle Intelligence, everybody. Today we are so happy to have Dr. Joseph Mercola as our guest! Dr. Mercola is one of the fathers of the modern health optimization movement and has sparked so much of the progressive thought that is going on in the scene today. In this vast conversation, we cover so much, from diet and light to blood flow and EMF’s. Dr. Mercola has so much knowledge on many of these areas and generously shares this wealth with all of us! We also discuss the algorithmic changes that Google has made in the interest of mainstream medicine and how this is adversely affecting Dr. Mercola and people with similar websites. Our guest explains his routines around food, sunlight, exercise, water and protection of radiation and EMF’s before talking about mental optimization and strength training. As someone who has been deeply engaged in this field in numerous ways for many decades now, the perspective that Dr. Mercola offers is so valuable and we could not be more excited to share it with you, we could have filled three episodes with everything we wanted to chat about! So for all this great stuff, tune in today and hear what he has to say!  


  • Changes that Google recently made and the effect on traffic to Dr. Mercola’s website. [7:30]
  • Dr. Mercola’s daily necessities for health and thriving! [11:36]
  • Early mornings, getting sunshine on your skin and infrared bulbs. [14:12]
  • Measuring EMF’s and other sources of radiation in the home. [21:43]
  • How Dr. Mercola goes about shielding himself from harmful radiation. [27:01]
  • Thinking about our air and water supplies and how to filter these accordingly. [39:04]
  • Considering an optimal diet and what that might mean for different people . [43:05]
  • Blood flow restriction training and why Dr. Mercola believes in it so staunchly. [45:11]
  • Optimizing the brain, reading and the learning aspect of health. [57:39]
  • Some of Dr. Mercola’s greatest hopes and moon shots! [1:01:58]
  • Why Dr. Mercola believes a complete overhaul of the medical field is necessary. [1:07:08]
  • And much more!

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