111 – Q&A: How Do You Know When You’ve Reached Your Natural Potential.

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Gear up for another episode of Q&A in which Ben and Ashleigh respond to a host of questions asked in their Facebook community. Before diving into the questions, they remind listeners about the importance of getting enough sunlight and spending time outdoors and explain why challenging times like these can be mined for invaluable life lessons on which to build a more secure future. Ben explains why stability is the foundational prerequisite for building muscle and strength, why having the correct form is non-negotiable in exercise, and even if you think you’ve reached your muscle-building capacity, you’ve likely only reached about 20%. As far as the business side goes, Ben gives an update on the postponed muscle camps, he gets listeners excited about the new Muscle Intelligence blog page and the content that will be posted there, and outlines what he aims to do with the exclusive mentorship programs he’s working on.

Returning to the science, your hosts answer questions related to regulating and tracking blood glucose levels, approaching core exercise after a C-section, the possible benefits of CBD, the value of the cyclical ketogenic diet, and the best exercises for improving aerobic health and HRV. Do not forget to visit our great show sponsors, BLUblox, for the best in blue-blocking eyewear. Get 15% off my favorite blue light-blocking and eye-strain reducing glasses from BLUBlox at https://blublox.com/muscleintelligence using the code MUSCLE.


  • Hear how spending time outdoors and getting exercise energize you for the day. [1:21]
  • Recognizing the reality that we either move toward pleasure or away from pain. [2:15]
  • Learning from difficult situations and why the current disillusionment can be good. [4:03]
  • The foundational prerequisite to building muscle and strength at any age. [8:05]
  • Why the correct form is so important in exercising effectively and injury-free. [11:50]
  • Learn about the at-home workouts and nutrition plan Ben has available. [16:24]
  • Why it is unlikely to reach your natural potential as far as muscle building goes. [17:52]
  • The value of improving your heart rate variability in building muscle naturally. [21:24] 
  • Understanding that exercise is futile without the required internal response. [22:09]
  • Thoughts on box breathing and using your diaphragm while walking. [23:41]
  • An update on Ben’s muscle camps and how his mentorships are structured. [26:42]
  • Learn about the new Muscle Intelligence blog page and the content we put up. [32:21]
  • Advice for working your core muscles after C-sections and/or myomectomy. [34:38]
  • Guidelines for where blood glucose levels should be and how to decrease it. [39:21]
  • Ben’s thoughts on CBD: purification processes, quality, benefits, and more. [43:08]
  • The value of a cyclical ketogenic diet and the role of genetics, activity, and stress. [47:07]
  • Should you have carbs before or after workouts while on the keto diet? [51:23]
  • Why lowering body fat and building muscle should be synonymous. [55:00]
  • The best exercises to improve aerobic health and HRV. [58:51]

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

Since first lifting weights as a teenager, Ben has been on a mission to do whatever it takes… …to become the most muscular man on the planet! On the eve of The Arnold Classic, he confronts the dark realities of bodybuilding… And his own future! Follow him on his journey…

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