144 – Biological dentistry and the surprising impact of oral care on your health with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz

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In this episode, Ben is joined by Dr. Dominik Nischwitz – a dentist and naturopath from Germany, who is a pioneer and leader in the field of biological dentistry and ceramic implants.

Dr. Dome – as he is also known – is on a mission to educate and start the conversation on how your oral health impacts your entire body and overall wellbeing.

This conversation is filled with incredible information on why teeth are considered organs, what cavities are and how to avoid getting them, implantology with bio-identical materials vs. metals, the process of mercury removal and toxicity, how your mouth microbiome affects your gut microbiome and so much more.

Dr. Dominik Nischwitz is the President of the International Society of Metal-free Implantology (ISMI) and lectures word-wide on his holistic approach of odontology.
Alongside his father, he runs the Centre for Biological Dentistry and Implantology in Tuebingen, Germany.

Pick up Dr. Dominik’s book to learn more:
It’s All In Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness.
Follow Dr. Dome on IG @drdome1 for lots of educational content. 

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[00:33] – Today’s guest Dr. Dominik Nischwitz
[1:08] – Our sponsor is BLUBlox – use code MUSCLE for 15% off
[3:00] – The problem with traditional dentistry
[4:10] – Leaky gums and your oral microbiome
[5:46] – Dental restorations and their impact on your system
[6:25] – Amalgam fillings and mercury toxicity
[7:57] – What not to do with your amalgam fillings
[8:58] – What mercury does in your teeth and your body
[10:00] – Cellphones and mercury fillings
[10:35] – Alternative filling materials
[11:43] – The process of removing amalgam fillings
[13:57] – Root canals = dead teeth
[14:18] – Your teeth are connected to your brain
[15:54] – The reason for chronic inflammation in your body
[16:58] – Can teeth re-grow?
[19:25] – The cause of tooth decay
[20:35] – Findings of Weston Price
[21:58] – Wisdom teeth and braces
[22:30] – Dr. Dominik’s mission
[23:30] – How to help your kids avoid the same problems
[27:28] – Teeth are the mirror for your health
[28:19] – Meridian chart of teeth-organ connection
[29:15] – Breast cancer and root canals
[30:30] – Cavitations
[34:15] – Process of becoming a patient at Dr. Nischwitz clinic
[35:35] – Education on this new form of dentistry
[37:21] – Gum disease
[39:17] – Flossing
[40:51] – How your teeth can affect your ability to contract muscle
[43:30] – Dr. Dome’s bone healing protocol
[45:30] – Nutritional advice on bone healing
[48:20] – Lasting impact and lifestyle changes
[50:21] – How your bite impacts your posture
[53:03] – Dr. Dome’s book – and contact information
[54:00] – Education for dentists
[55:20] – Dr. Dome’s mission
[56:10] – Biological dentistry in the US


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