Fat Loss for Men Over 35 Made Simple #264

One of my favorite masterclasses from this year was also one of our best attended. Fat Loss and Body Transformation are such important topics to get right, especially because what worked at 30 won’t always work at 40. There are so many misconceptions about how to get and sustain a lean body that I wanted to share and address with you. It’s not hard, it’s that we’re not taught the evolution of training or nutrition as we age.

Today’s solocast breaks down 32 of my tried-and-tested (and scientifically verified) tools to transform your body, and to make it sustainable. I also summarized these 32 action items in a comprehensive PDF guide, which includes links to additional resources. Get your copy now by clicking here.

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 Factor That is Actually Preventing You From Losing Fat
  • How to Optimize Your Hormones to Build and Maintain Muscle Mass
  • A Simple Physique Transformation Framework that ANYONE Can Follow
  • The KEY Morning Action Items to Execute on for Ideal Body Composition
  • Where Most of the Fitness World is WRONG When it Comes to Fat Loss

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

Since first lifting weights as a teenager, Ben has been on a mission to do whatever it takes… …to become the most muscular man on the planet! On the eve of The Arnold Classic, he confronts the dark realities of bodybuilding… And his own future! Follow him on his journey…

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