BOOST Mitochondrial Function and EXPAND Your Mind with Ian Mitchell

Are you ready to radically deconstruct the upper limits, and rewire your perception of what’s possible?

I reached out to Ian after discovering his revolutionary approach to mitochondrial optimization – a subject that is paramount to longevity, performance and achievement.  Ian and I cover everything from how to optimize the body’s production of ATP… to the possibility of healing the central nervous system… to space travel… to the infinite links between quantum biology, meditation, and creativity.

Ian Mitchell is an inventor, biochemist, and pharmaceutical developer who specializes in anti-aging technology and peak performance. Ian works with NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes, and other top-tier performers who want to experience superhuman gains.

You’ll learn:

  • How to regain lost cognitive function.
  • Tools to reverse oxidative stress.
  • ONE thing that offers a huge leap in performance.
  • What it takes to optimize your creative process.
  • KEY takeaways for the health and longevity of our species.

Connect with Ian:

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