The Race for Performance Begins with Health, Inside Out with Dan Garner


Are you performing at 80%, even when you train for 100%?  Dan Garner has spent his career coaching elite athletes, and working with high performers, to find what he calls “performance anchors” — Dan’s term for hidden stressors that can have a slow-down effect on athlete training adaptations, and that can negatively impact anyone’s optimal health journey.

Tune in to Ben and Dan’s discussion on some of the not-so-subtle nuances that can be found in health markers determined by lab testing.  Dan, as a strength coach and nutrition specialist, brings a wealth of information to this episode!  Listen and learn:

  • What the importance of measuring physiology from a metric perspective is.
  • When lifestyle analysis becomes important, too.
  • Where to start finding a root cause for any ailment or sub-optimal performance marker.
  • How to work backwards and ask better questions, when it comes to analyzing your health.
  • Why choosing healthy fat sources is SO vital to your health.

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