Evolve: Neurotransmitters, Lifespan Longevity, Training, and Nutrition with Christian Thibaudeau


“The smarter you are, the harder your brain can work against you” – Christian Thibaudeau.  As a renowned strength coach for over two decades, Christian Thibaudeau approaches challenges as opportunities, and uses the nervous system as a way to help determine ideal exercise programming and nutrition.  In this honest, tell-all episode, Christian shares some of his own recent health challenges, and his consequential evolution toward a focus on longevity and quality of life.

Christian is known for his unique approach to training and nutrition that focuses on neurotransmitter levels, called the Neurotyping System.  Christian’s philosophies and Neurotyping System have allowed coaches to better understand their athletes from a perspective of personality, motivation, and stress response.

Whether you are a coach, athlete, or just someone looking to optimize longevity and lifespan, there are TONS of “aha!” moments in this interview.  Tune in to learn:

  • Who can benefit from doing a dopamine fast.
  • When hypertrophy can be increased with loaded stretching.
  • How neurotransmitters impact personality.
  • What bodybuilders can do to mitigate cardiac stress.
  • Why it’s vital to train contraction in weak muscular positions.

Learn more about Christian Thibaudeau:


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