What Distinguishes Peak Performers and Top Coaches with Joe DeFranco

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Joe DeFranco is a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach who has been training top athletes for over 20 years. Joe was inducted into the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame in 2015 and co-created a coaching certification program for elite athletes. He is recognized as an influential trendsetter in the world of fitness.

Anyone looking to perform at their peak, and any coach focused on leading their clients to be the best they can be, will enjoy this absolutely brilliant conversation between Ben and Joe DeFranco! Ben and Joe cover purpose, adaptable training styles, programming choices, and tailoring lifestyle advice to real world lives.

Listen to learn:

  • Why it’s so important to know your client’s deeper purpose.
  • What separates out the top performers in the world.
  • How you can achieve the optimal combination of strength and speed!
  • When progressive overloading can be done without adding weight.
  • Where you can apply a client’s “why” to their training.

Plus…the ONE thing you can focus on today to avoid future injury, pain, or surgery.

Learn more about Joe and his CPPS certification:


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Ben Pakulski

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