039 – Fitness coach and cover model Chris Spearman on achieving goals in the gym and in business

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Today on the podcast we feature an exceptional man, Dr. Chris Spearman, who has succeeded in a variety of aspects of life, including in the areas of education and, more recently, business. He talks about his journey through his Ph.D. in leukemia studies, and then he dives into the transformation of his physical body, becoming a cover model and thought leader in the world of fitness. 

He has gone even further by helping young entrepreneurs to build successful fitness businesses, thereby contributing massively to the fitness community and bringing along with him a great deal of credibility. He is dedicated to making an impact on the world by inspiring and guiding others to become their best selves, also in coaching them about positive self-talk, altering your unconscious belief system and working on your mindset through exposure to the right resources. 

We then get into a conversation about how, in his own business, he has managed to bridge the gap between online business and getting that all-important in-person interaction with clients and he shares how being authentic and genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of people have shaped his success. For the aspiring fitness entrepreneurs out there, we share advice for hiring coaches and dealing with clients and why it is vital for you to invest time and money into making this dream a reality.

You will be happy to know that Chris also reveals how he got into the best shape of his life, his non-negotiable everyday practice, and a whole lot more. This is an episode not to be missed, so be sure to tune in! 


  • The importance of positive self-talk and changing your unconscious belief-system. [5:47]
  • Frequently evaluating whether your daily actions are aligned with your ambitions. [8:57]
  • How a cancer patient’s mindset can determine the outcome of their survival. [11:36]
  • Why the best of health and wellness programs fail to work for some people. [15:41]
  • Bridging the gap between online and in-person personal training with clients. [18:52]
  • Approaching mindset and behavior change with clients who are new to fitness. [23:22]
  • The demand for mentors who are authentic and have a true desire to help people. [29:00]
  • Better understanding and serving clients by introducing transactional analysis. [34:50]
  • Advice for hiring coaches and communicating with and recruiting clients. [40:21]
  • The process of becoming an entrepreneur and the necessary stages involved. [44:08]
  • The need to invest time and money into your career as a fitness professional. [49:51]
  • Chris’s top tenets for getting into cover model shape and his overall approach. [50:42]
  • The importance of asking questions and constantly problem solving as a coach. [56:47]
  • Guidance for anyone who wants to start a fitness business from scratch. [01:00:44]
  • The one thing Chris does every day that is non-negotiable. [01:05:58]
  • And much more!

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Ben Pakulski

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