Joining us today is the elite mindset coach Brian Cain!  Brian has coached multiple Cy Young Award winners, UFC champions, has consulted for top teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB and more.  Our chat with Brian dives deep on the mindset of performance where Brian has 10 Pillars that he feels are the necessary building blocks to overcoming adversity, achieving peak performance, and relentlessly pursuing your goals.

Time Stamps

  • The importance of relating to your clients and have an idea of what is going on ‘upstairs’. How the mind has to precede the body. [4:26]
  • Steps to teach the average athlete to accomplish their dreams: The 10 skill sets that make up an ‘unbreakable’ mind. [11:12]
    • #1 – Create an ‘Elite’ mindset. [14:30]
    • #2 – Motivation and commitment. [20:16]
    • #3 – Focus and awareness. [22:16]
    • #4 – Self-control and discipline: Let your plan drive the bus. [30:28]
    • #5 – Process over outcome. [35:04]
    • #6 – Meditation and mental imagery: How separation is in preparation. [36:58]
    • #7 – Build a routine and create habits of excellence. [51:57]
    • #8 – Time management and organization: His 168 plan. [57:23]
    • #9 – Leadership: Ability to build trust and get results. [1:00:57]
    • #10 – Culture: The M.V.P. process. [1:03:04]
  • What are his daily affirmations? [1:05:30]
  • How you are always on and off the path. [1:06:45]
  • What are his favorite books on this topic? [1:09:35]
  • The Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Certification. [1:12:14]
  • His ‘six economies’. [1:16:06]

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