Ian Mitchell runs a small lab in rural Oklahoma with major implications.  Over the last 7 years Ian has been extensively researching a carbon isotope called C60.  In that research Ian has found some wide ranging implications including super-charging mitochondria, reduction in inflammation, detox benefits and some amazing effects on rheumatoid arthritis and even a way to augment cancer treatment!

Time Stamps

  • What is happening in the human body when we take carbon 60? [0:00]
  • He opens up about the ethicacy of his joint supplement. [2:35]
  • How would this work for someone looking to ultimately achieve an exercise response? [6:48]
  • How did his company achieve their patent? [12:17]
  • Are there certain internal prerequisites that need to exist for the carbon 60 to really have its effect? [16:56]
  • Has he seen any negative implications for C60 maybe accelerating cancer grow if someone is on a standard American diet? [19:05]
  • What exactly is ‘carbon 60’ and where did it come from? [21:08]
  • What negative effects does blue light have on our body while taking C60? [22:38]
  • What else are they working on in the realm of carbon 60? [25:35]
  • Are there positive implications combining carbon 60 and cannabis? [27:00]
  • Is there a law of diminishing return with how much C60 you consume? [28:20]
  • Does he plan on taking this every day for the rest of his life? [30:10]
  • The value of quality of life. [32:15]
  • Does he have any ongoing studies with carbon 60? [33:50]
  • What types of cancers has he seen the greatest effect with? [35:03]
  • How is he tying this in to improve brain function? [38:50]

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