On today’s episode we welcome Zach Bitter. Zach is an endurance athlete and coach and he is nothing short of a high achiever. He consistently runs 100 mile ultra marathons and is now in the midst of preparing for an even greater race.

In today’s episode we dive into the cognitive battles that Zach faces on a daily basis. We get into understanding the mechanics of how he eats, how he prepares for a race like this, how he trains and maintains a dynamic relationship with his wife, who’s also an ultra marathoner.

Zach shares details about how he manages his ketogenic diet with his training program and the reasons behind it. We also dig into how he prepares for what might go wrong in a race, his tracking strategies, and his advice for those who are interested in transitioning into endurance focused training.

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Time Stamps

  • How Zach first started to get involved with the sport of extreme endurance. [6:17]
  • Mind games and thought cycles of a 100 mile race. [11:38]
  • Zach’s eating plan on a day-to-day basis, depending on training cycle. [19:19]
  • Training regiment that Zach follows and how he measures his progress. [24:58]
  • The amount of carbohydrates and fats versus calories burned on long runs. [30:23]
  • Zach’s current daily caloric intake and body weight. [33:36]
  • Main sources of calories in Zach’s diet; fats, proteins, and carbs. [35:35]
  • How Zach is changing his training and diet strategies training for 153 mile race. [42.26]
  • The typical things that can go wrong on a 153 mile race. [46:16]
  • Everyday essentials in Zach’s routine to be a world-class achiever. [48:38]
  • How Zach and his wife integrate their intense training life into their relationship. [50:12]
  • The main tracking technology that Zach uses for his training and runs. [53:32]
  • Advice for transitioning into endurance centric training. [56:44]

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