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  • In his experience, what is the best way to create a ketogenic state? [5:44]
  • What are some of the interesting findings, he has found, from putting someone on a metabolic cart after being in a ketogenic state? [15:18]
  • Any correlations with improved sleep and the ketogenic diet? [19:08]
  • Has he seen any implications of how a ketogenic, fat adapted, diet will affect stress and cortisol? [20:28]
  • How people SHOULD be training on a ketogenic diet: The duration of set, intensity & MORE. [22:01]
  • How to use the ketogenic diet intelligently while still modulating the sympathetic nervous system. [30:35]
  • What are the BIGGEST mistakes people are making on the ketogenic diet? [33:15]
  • The concept of eating nose to tail and overall nutrition do’s and don’t on the keto diet. [37:36]
  • Should everyone fast? What is the proper way to come out of a contest? [50:12]
  • What exciting stuff is going on at [54:51]

Featured Guest

  • Ryan Lowery (@ryanplowery) • Instagram
  • #ketogeniccom (@ketogeniccom) • Instagram
  • Website

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  • KetoPet (@ketopet) • Instagram
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