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  • How many carbohydrates can you eat as part of the ketogenic diet? [5:39]
  • The definition of what it means to be in a ketogenic state. [10:17]
  • As your body becomes more effective at replenishing muscle glycogen, does that make you better at burning fat? [13:00]
  • What has he found comparing cyclical vs. targeted keto diet? [15:06]
  • The benefits of being in a ketogenic state. [18:33]
  • What are the negative long-term implications of ketogenic dieting? [25:11]
  • Has he seen any body composition improvements from adding back in those higher carb (re-feed) days? [27:03]
  • The importance of calorie shifting. [29:17]
  • Any correlation to poor sleep and the ketogenic diet? [31:29]
  • Where is he going right now with his research? [34:45]
  • Is he adjusting his volume/frequency of training at all to adapt being in a ketogenic state? [35:35]
  • How we are engineered to be animal based when it comes to our nutrition. [40:00]
  • What does a typical day of food look like for him? [45:35]
  • What are the biggest mistakes people are making on a ketogenic diet? Trying to build muscle? [50:04]

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