Flow State Mastery with Steven Kotler #306


Ever had one of those moments when you were so focused on a business project or in the middle of a great workout and time seems to disappear?

You’re completely absorbed by what you’re doing and your performance, both mental and physical, shoots through the roof?

That’s what we know as the flow state – the optimal state of consciousness.

What most people don’t know is that flow is very trainable. And mastering flow is an incredibly powerful skill to have because flow can significantly accelerate learning and skill acquisition by 240 – 500%.

On today’s episode, the brilliant NY Times best-selling author, Executive Director of The Flow Research Collective and one of the world’s leading experts on Human Performance and Flow State, Steven Kotler, teaches:

  • The Flow State: How to Use it MOST Effectively, and Recover From It

  • How to Predictably and Reliably Reproduce High Performance

  • What you NEED to Thrive in the Second Half of your Life

  • How to Gain New Levels of Cognitive Superpower in your 50s & Beyond

  • The Challenge/Skills Balance Ratio to Optimize Flow

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Ben Pakulski

Ben Pakulski

Since first lifting weights as a teenager, Ben has been on a mission to do whatever it takes… …to become the most muscular man on the planet! On the eve of The Arnold Classic, he confronts the dark realities of bodybuilding… And his own future! Follow him on his journey…

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