083 – Studying Fat Loss in Women at Dr. Bill Campbell’s Physique Enhancement Lab

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With so many different theories on how to lose weight, it is hard to know what to trust when trying to shed those pounds. Dr. Bill Campbell, our guest today, is an expert in the field of weight loss and he is here to share a whole of that expertise with you! Based in Tampa Bay, he works at the University of South Florida and his research and lab work at the college is precisely around what does and does not work with regards to losing weight. He has a wealth of information about optimizing body composition and the insights he shares in this episode are truly remarkable. We discuss diet breaks, the hormonal effects of dieting, what we really should be doing and more! If you do not already, it is highly recommended to follow him on Instagram as he shares informative posts daily on the subject! Dr. Campbell does a great job of helping us properly understand the metabolic process and how it can be measured, why macros are the biggest piece of the weight-loss pie and how diet refeeds measure up against other strategies.

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  • The focus on female weight-loss at Dr. Campbell’s lab and the study that kicked this off. [5:45]
  • Diet re-feed studies and the differing results that Dr. Campbell noticed. [11:12]
  • Why Dr. Campbell insisted on simple designs for these studies. [14:06]
  • Finding subjects for the studies; the investment in the education process. [17:13]
  • The choice to focus on the female body; practical concerns around compliance. [24:25]
  • Dr. Campbell’s dream research study and what he would pursue with no limits. [26:02]
  • What happens in our bodies, metabolically, during a period of diet. [30:30]
  • The possible effects of breathing and HRV on the state of fat loss. [34:40]
  • The number one variable that Dr. Campbell wants control over in his idea study. [38:22]
  • Avoiding crash diets and why Dr. Campbell is still designing rapid fat loss diet studies. [40:35]
  • Which aspect of a diet study to realistically standardize for best results. [46:28]
  • How Dr. Campbell got into the study of physique and weight loss. [48:28]
  • Dr. Campbell’s dissertation on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, mTor, and leucine. [53:55]
  • Possible studies for the future and why Dr. Campbell plans to stay in the female lane. [56:12]
  • The three principles for the best, highest weight loss from our guest. [56:66]
  • How we properly define a metabolic rate; oxygen consumption and calorie burning. [59:17]
  • Fasting and creating a caloric deficit to achieve weight loss. [1:03:23]

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