078 – The role of your brain in optimal posture and body mechanics: a discussion with Posturepro founder Annette Verpillot

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Today on the podcast we feature an exceptional woman, Annette Verpillot. Annette is the founder of Posturepro, a health company specializing in neuromechanics and Postural Recalibration. She is a Canadian entrepreneur, therapist, public speaker, and internationally esteemed Posturologist. On today’s show, we discuss Annette’s methodology in optimizing brain, body connection. She’s developed some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques where she helps people optimize performance, optimize their mind and optimize the development of the children. We also get into how your feet, your jaw, and your breathing are implicated in everything as far as your brain develops and performs, and the way you think. Annette is a wealth of knowledge and she’s here to share some of that knowledge with us today! We’re excited to have her back so, be sure to stay tuned for more insights into optimal posture and body mechanics!

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  • Understanding the Posturepro method and how it relates to posturology. [6:10]
  • Things that affect your ideal posture and postural stability. [08:50]
  • The future of prevention in sports. [10:20]
  • Movement in children and how it activates the brain. [11:11]
  • The first 6 years of life an important time in developing brain stimulus. [13:17]
  • Identifying imbalances in the brain and how it affects your posture. [15:40]
  • Posture as a visual representation of the map of the brain and whether a change is possible. [18:39]
  • Postural abnormality as sympathetic stress and how to calm it down. [21:25]
  • Steps to follow to ensure the full development of a child’s brain. [24:28]
  • Development of the jaw and how it affects the connection of our brain and body. [28:32]
  • Creating a change to help stimulate good habits that can help the development of the jaw. [32:00]
  • The connection between eyesight and posture. [37:39]
  • Big sensory connection between our feet and brain and how our footwear is affecting our gait and our posture. [41:16]
  • Rewiring the brain by changing the input going to the brain. [43:30]
  • The benefits of barefoot for foot abnormalities and shoes to help develop the foot. [44:16]
  • Postural abnormalities and how they contribute to emotional instabilities. [46:03]
  • Annette recommends some ways for parents to help with brain development. [51:05]
  • Why you should ensure your posture is properly aligned. [53:05]
  • The three pillars: sensory information – visual stimulation, vestibular stimulations, and proprioception. [55:10]
  • The accreditation process for becoming a Posturepro practitioner. [56:50]
  • Addressing the cause rather than managing the symptoms, what it entails. [58:37]
  • What age groups Annette works with why starting with children is so important. [59:56]

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