076 – Talking EMF’s and their effects on health with Nick Pineault

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Welcome back to the show everybody! Today our guest is Nicolas Pineault, author of the new book, The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF and expert on electromagnetic fields and their effects on our health. Nicolas does a great job of pitching his information at an accessible level and on this show and in his book he lays out a realistic and sensible way to approach safeguarding yourself from the dangers that EMF’s pose. He explains a few of the fundamental dimensions to the discourse around the topic before diving into strategies, tools, and resources for combatting negative effects. We talk about peroxynitrite, kill switches, cellular towers, and more! The conversation then turns to blue light and how it fits into these concerns. Nicolas offers some advice for eyewear, clothing, and furniture for better sleep and vision in this regard and we also get to hear about some of his future projects, including a podcast he will be launching soon!

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  • Nicolas’ laptop lifestyle, partnership with his wife, and recent travels! [4:20]
  • What electromagnetic fields do to our body; clarifying the effects. [7:13]
  • Peroxynitrite and its consequences on our health on many levels [19:48]
  • Simple strategies for blocking harmful effects at home and at work. [26:34]
  • EMF kill switches and room shielding for your important spaces. [31:28]
  • Cellular towers and the EMF environments that surround most of us. [37:56]
  • Blue-light exposure and what we know about its effects on sight and sleep. [43:25]
  • The foundational approach to reducing harmful EMF’s before other measures. [50:43]
  • Screen-time and healthier practices for young children. [53:23]
  • Some of Nicolas’ hopes for the future and the podcast he is working on. [59:16]
  • EMF-blocking clothing and protecting sperm from harm. [1:02:28]

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Ben Pakulski

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