072 – Is your doctor lying to you? Discussing popular health myths with Dr. Ken Berry

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On the Muscle Intelligence Podcast today, we are joined by Dr. Ken Berry! Dr. Berry is a practicing physician and staunch advocate for the keto diet, having had amazing results with his own health issues by making the switch. This approach naturally transferred to his patients who have also shown massive improvements with regards to obesity, energy levels, and insulin resistance. Dr. Berry tells us all about the lessons he has learned and how far he feels he has come in being an actual help to his patients. We discuss helpful resources, the carnivore diet and how different bodies require different things. As much as Dr. Berry likes to approach each case individually, he does highly recommend the keto diet for almost anyone, along with a general ancestral approach to health and physiology. We get into sun exposure, fasting, salt intake, and many more interesting and vital wellness topics. Our guest weighs in on the introduction of ketogenic diets for children, exercise and compares keto to a more traditional American diet model.

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  • Dr. Ken’s work, personal journey and how he is trying to change the world! [4:49]
  • How Dr. Ken found the paleo diet and the important books he read initially. [10:41]
  • Incorporating the keto diet, further minimizing carbohydrates and the amazing results. [13:47]
  • Who is the keto diet for? The spectrum of human dietary needs. [19:15]
  • The most important takeaways from Dr. Ken’s book, Lies My Doctor Told Me.
  • Myths around sun exposure and why sunscreen might actually be more damaging! [24:42]
  • The basics of what Dr. Ken prescribes to his obese patients. [27:40]
  • Dr. Ken’s thoughts on and experience with the carnivore diet. [29:15]
  • Insulin resistance and age; natural and healthy levels as we grow older. [31:31]
  • Dr. Ken’s own exercise practices and new habits in his 50s. [33:45]
  • Considering the caloric deficit approach to the standard American diet. [35:29]
  • Intermittent fasting and the array of health benefits it provides. [40:16]
  • Health concerns around sodium; why salt is not as risky as they say. [44:02]
  • Children and the ketogenic diet; lovingly introducing healthy practices. [48:34]
  • Two book recommendations from Dr. Ken! [51:45]

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Ben Pakulski

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