On today’s show, Ben and Ashleigh sit down to talk Americanized holidays, schooling methods, and nutrition on the road before getting to the main topic: squats. Our hosts share their respective views around instilling values in children in spite of some of the more farcical and detrimental aspects of traditional holidays and schooling. We then hear more about how Ben likes to stay healthy on the road. He suggests Airbnbs over hotels, and exercising by walking to the nearest Whole Foods equivalent to stock up on water as well as quality vegetables, meat, sodium, and fat. The conversation then turns to how and when to squat! Ben breaks down his advice into specific pointers. Squats can only be effective once the correct balance of stability, mobility, and skill has been attained, and hack squats and lunges can help. Ben also shares his isolation/integration strategy, which involves correcting weak points before returning to a routine that was previously hindered by that weak spot. This leads to the topic of the body’s mobility centers, and the necessity of maintaining correct immobility during a routine to maximize effects.

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  • Instilling the wrong values in kids during Halloween and Christmas. [01:09]
  • Americanized holidays celebrate consumerism rather than human connection. [5:03]
  • Ben homeschools his kids to give them personalized, specific, multi-tiered education. [12:16]
  • When kids get to make a choice about how and what to learn, it pays off. [18:00]
  • The “unravelling learning” method inspires curiosity and a desire to learn. [18:00]
  • It needs to be noted that “happy” experiences such as Disneyland can be traumatic. [19:41]
  • Teaching homeschooled kids to be social and be away from their parents. [22:18]
  • Nutrition while traveling: Airbnb, healthy meat, veg, olive oil, sea salt, and water. [24:11]
  • Eating nothing is better than eating a bad meal for 99% of people. [28:05]
  • Usually you can satiate yourself with water and sodium rather than eating. [28:49]
  • Olive oil tips (no aged, no plastic, don’t over-consume), and a fresh-pressed discount. [29:30]
  • A stability/mobility/skill triad needs to be built before squats can become effective. [32:19]
  • Squats might target muscles other than the desired quads without this triad. [33:36]
  • Hack squats and lunges will help build this triad. [34:29]
  • Mobility-oriented exercises between sets maximize effectiveness. [36:06]
  • Stabilizing the three hubs of mobility: scapula, trunk and spine, and pelvic girdle. [36:06]
  • Maximally producing output by staying immovable. [37:32]
  • Isolating a weak area and then reintegrating it into a routine once it is stable. [37:32]
  • These isolating techniques aid longevity as well. [38:38]
  • Good single-leg hip mobility plays into two legged squatting. [39:52]
  • Good squat form can be built doing single leg squats, and also working barefoot. [39:52]
  • Muscle building guides can be found on muscleintelligence.com [41:58]
  • Being open to trying new foods is key to living the health life journey. [45:38]

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