On today’s episode, we are joined by Jim Girard and Jim Law, creator and CEO of BioCharger respectively. It has become our new, favorite biohacking modality since having it at the gym for over three months. There has been an outpouring of compliments for the BioCharger, both from clients and trainers at the gym, so Ben wanted to find out more about how what is causing all these reported benefits. Jim Girard shares with us who and what inspired him to create the BioCharger and the process that he undertook when he was inventing it.

He also provides further insight into the technology that is used in the BioCharger today. More than half of Americans currently suffer from at least one chronic disease, despite the advances in modern medicine and that is partly to do with inadequate cellular voltage, which is what the Biocharger looks to fix. It provides people with the four essential energy types that they need to recharge their cells and ultimately lead healthier lives overall. Anyone can benefit from the BioCharger, no matter how healthy or clean you live, there is some part of your body that could do with an extra energy boost from one of the most powerful energy sources. To learn more about the power of the BioCharger, join us today!

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  • What happened in Jim’s life that lead to the creation of the BioCharger [1:37]
  • Some of the biggest changes that people saw early on when using the BioCharger [3:48]
  • The initial frequencies used in the design and the choice for this [6:04]
  • The distinction between frequencies and harmonics [7:07]
  • An explanation of why frequency and harmony are both so beneficial to all life on earth [9:15]
  • Charging cells is a similar process to charging a car battery [12:48]
  • Which other scientific studies speak to the same themes as the BioCharger [15:55]
  • The four essential energy types that the BioCharger produces [19:29]
  • Some insights into the PEMF that is being used in many popular therapies [22:33]
  • How the BioCharger enhances the body’s natural capacity to rejuvenate [24:12]
  • An explanation of the concept called recipes that Jim and Jim developed [28:07]
  • Some of the performance-related benefits users of the BioCharger have experienced [33:43]
  • Whether the BioCharger is contributing to non-resonant frequencies or not [38:39.3]
  • It is more dangerous to have higher powers at a specific frequency than less power [41:21.3]
  • Can the BioCharger affect change on your cells long term or not? [43:30]
  • Firing up the BioCharger and explaining the setting that it’s on [45:55]
  • The negative effects of doing too many of the protocols in close proximity [47:48]
  • The potential of using frequencies in cancer therapy [48:32]
  • And much more!

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