Today’s guest is a functional medicine practitioner with an extensive background in getting results with people with autoimmunity and health optimization. Dr. Will Cole joins me for this episode to talk about strategies behind optimizing your diet and your lifestyle, sharing how he went from a traditional vegan diet to one that includes a small amount of meat and why he felt that making this change was necessary. He shares his general views on eating meat and the inflammatory reactions that some people experience when consuming vegetables, and what emerges from this conversation is that he has an incredibly objective, non-dogmatic view that allows for individual difference. He advises listeners on the process of healing the gut and why no two people will have the same responses and then he talks about the variety of criteria points he uses to evaluate how he would approach the treatment plan for patients with autoimmunity. This is such a great conversation, and you’ll also get a ton of advice about supplementation and his preferences as far as superfoods are concerned. Tune in to hear more from Dr. Cole!


  • Attending SCUHS and how Datis Kharrazian stirred his interest in functional medicine. [4:50]
  • How his parents and their family practices shaped his approach to health. [7:16]
  • The fine line between health and health crisis and not taking anything for granted. [11:02]
  • Why Dr. Cole incorporated a ketogenic diet into his formerly vegan diet. [13:00]
  • A balanced perspective on the ketotarian diet and its impact on autoimmune issues. [16:22]
  • Views on eating meat and why nutrient density is an important consideration. [21:14]
  • Why vegetables can cause inflammation and the process of healing the gut. [25:58]
  • The criteria for evaluating which kind of diet would be optimal for an individual. [30:22]
  • The first line of intervention with patients and all the factors to keep in mind. [33:15]
  • Exposure to hair and skin products and what high achievers might think about. [36:54]
  • What his vegetable-centric diet involves and advice for people with autoimmunity. [40:09]
  • The superfoods and supplements that Dr. Cole incorporates in his diet. [44:44]
  • And much more!

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