134 – Optimize your life the philosopher’s way with Brian Johnson


In this episode with Brian Johnson, founder of the Optimize community, is packed full of inspiration, positivity, and tangible plans for a happier, calmer, more joy-filled life. Brian discusses his four main virtues (wisdom, self-mastery, courage, and love); he talks about what truly means to be a hero, and what it means to have “anti-fragile confidence”; they discuss the differences between being happy and simply being “not negative”; and Brian gets into his meditation practice, his experience with veganism, his philosophies on leadership, and so much more!

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[1:34] Introducing our guest, Brian Johnson.

[7:02] Backstory to Brian’s motivation to succeed.

[10:53] Brian’s comparison of Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius & Seneca.

[12:15] How Brian summarizes his philosophy.

[14:33] How to start living at Eudaimonia – The Highest Good

[17:17] YOU determine what Vice; Virtue & Wisdom is.

[18:15] Four core virtues of philosophy and all the religions in the world.

[21:56] How to plan your day as a Eudaimon. 

[26:18] The More You Get Hit, The Stronger You Get!

[28:04] How hard one should push themselves in training.

[30:52] What you do, speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say – R. W. Emerson.

[33:07] Love 0.0, Love 1.0, Love 2.0…

[36:32] Philosophy is simplicity – Brian’s daily routine.

[41:01] Nanotechnology Structured Water & its benefits.

[43:52] Brian’s breathing meditation practice.

[46:05] Brian talking about his coach and mentor – Phil Stutz.

[50:05] How Brian is helping people through the Optimize Coach Program.

[54:26] Brian’s experience with Veganism.

[56:50] What is Brian’s end line – distant plans.

[1:00:28] Change begins at home!

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