113 – Changing your life through visualization and movement, with Erwan LeCorre

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Today’s very special guest is Erwan Le Corre, the founder of ‘MovNat’, a synthesis of his passion for real-world physical competency, love of movement in nature, extensive knowledge of Physical Education history, and his personal philosophy of life. Erwan gets into so many topics today that will be of huge benefit to followers of this podcast, talking of course about his philosophy of movement but also his ethos about how to guide thoughts and emotions while becoming the best versions of our selves. Erwan starts off sketching out how MovNat works by being premised on an end goal – becoming physically competent to handle any situation. In this paradigm, physique is not the aim, but rather a byproduct of a much deeper journey in pursuit of skill, much like martial arts. From there, he shares his perspectives on a broader conception of self-development, and the place that taking responsibility, showing commitment, and manifestation occupy in them. Society might negatively affect us, but we empower ourselves by realizing our lives are the result of our choices. Manifestation is real, and rather than involving wanting something material that somebody else has, Erwan sees this practice as only bringing that which is equivalent to our current state. Anything is possible and we shouldn’t tell ourselves that we can’t have what we desire, but we need to realize that any positive change takes commitment and slowly we will see results. Do not miss this amazing episode with the godfather of MovNat, and a man who truly understands the mindset piece of wellness, Erwan Le Corre.

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  • Gratitude for the easing of restrictions; using exercise to become more present. [0:23]
  • Talking manifestation and creating your own life with today’s guest: Erwan Le Corre. [3:40]
  • Manifestation as a combination of altering events through thought and action. [6:00]
  • Erwan’s perspective that mental energy can draw events one has in mind toward them. [9:14]
  • Seeing an experience as the feeling it brings, not its external character. [9:32]
  • How you can only manifest things that are equivalent to your current state. [11:40]
  • The end aim Erwan’s approach aspires to: a body that can navigate this world. [11:57]
  • Seeing physiological results as a byproduct of a skills-first teaching approach. [16:01]
  • Aiming to have multidimensional locomotive skills, to handle any physical challenge. [17:20]
  • The idea that physical competence builds confidence, but not in all contexts. [20:40]
  • Links between physicality and spirituality in Erwan’s natural movement practice. [25:00]
  • Our culture of compartmentalization and the double-edged sword of specialization. [26:10]
  • Truly empowering ourselves by recognizing that everything we do is our choice. [29:00]
  • How to know whether our choices are good for us: how do they make us feel? [32:13]
  • While ‘society’ pressures us, we empower ourselves by taking responsibility. [36:51]
  • The damage our tendency to believe we can’t have what we truly desire causes. [39:00]
  • Seeing manifestation as beginning with choosing who one wants to be. [40:23]
  • A reframing of mediocrity and considering how it’s painted in different religions. [44:27]
  • Understanding that successful people might have bad lives thus shouldn’t be idolized. [46:45]
  • Placing the cart before the horse: wanting the result before changing oneself. [47:26]
  • Steps to take to start becoming the person you want to be: having commitment. [48:53]
  • True confidence that can be gained after committing to the hard work of changing. [53:44]
  • Erwan’s story that his success started with just an idea. [55:17]
  • Perspectives on what makes a great teacher: reaching the student’s heart and mind. [1:01:30]

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