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Time Stamps

  • His journey to becoming an Olympic athlete. [2:18]
  • The supernatural ‘calling’ he experienced that changed the course of his life. [6:16]
  • The ‘angels’ that shaped him as person. [8:17]
  • Why you MUST embrace the process rather than the result. [10:41]
  • How the word can’t does not exist in his vocabulary. [12:11]
  • The process of mastering the ‘Champion’s Mindset’. [13:30]
  • The 5 Steps of Preparation: Clarity, Motive, Impact, Mindset and Resources. [17:53]
  • The idea of producing excellence to honor your potential. [39:45]
  • Why we always need to be evolving towards our biggest future. [42:07]
  • The Champion’s Golden Rule: The 10 steps to achieve your greatness. [46:51]
  • How to determine your legacy statement. [57:06]
  • What are his daily rituals? [1:00:43]
  • How does he eat/train now to stay fit? [1:04:28]

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  • Dr Gabrielle Lyon, DO (@drgabriellelyon) • Instagram
  • Dave Asprey (@dave.asprey) • Instagram
Ben Pakulski
Since first lifting weights as a teenager, Ben has been on a mission to do whatever it takes… …to become the most muscular man on the planet! On the eve of The Arnold Classic, he confronts the dark realities of bodybuilding… And his own future! Follow him on his journey…


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