Performance Optimization Highlights

If you’re looking for the ONE place to learn more about staying motivated, the mindset for outstanding training, female hormone optimization, and the metrics of health for performance… you’ll want to tune into this episode right now. I also included a bonus clip from one of my favorite coaching calls so far this summer – […]

Why You Can’t Stay Motivated and How to Fix It

Many people believe that it’s their lack of motivation that prevents them from making progress… That if only they were able to master their will, anything would be possible. These are usually men who have historically been motivated which just adds to the frustration. If I could stick to that, why can’t I stick to […]

The Truth About Metabolism, Animal Protein, and Insulin | Dr. Ben Bikman

It’s Dr. Ben Bikman’s third time on the Muscle Intelligence Podcast, and with good reason: Dr. Bikman’s knowledge of human metabolism is matched by few.  He is among the world’s foremost scientists on metabolic health and insulin resistance.  Much of Dr. Bikman’s recent lab work is focused on the pathogenicity of chronically elevated insulin.On today’s interview, […]

The Catalyst to Hypertrophy with Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

How does being sore after a workout contribute to your success?  How can you utilize eccentric loading and isometric training for hypertrophy?  Plus… will glycogen depletion hinder anabolic signaling? Today’s episode debunks the many myths and misnomers of building muscle.  We are joined by Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, a renowned fitness expert, who is widely regarded […]

Solve Stress and Heal Trauma: Nervous System Interventions with Dr. Svetlana Masgutova

How healthy is your nervous system? My latest interview is a special one that covers the very foundations of human performance and muscle building: the nervous system.  If high performance, longevity, and optimal brain function are important to you, this episode is for YOU. Dr. Svetlana Masgutova is the creator of the MNRI® – Masgutova […]

The ONE Thing Limiting Your Performance

No Muscle Building Month would be complete without an appearance by Human Performance Expert Dr. Andy Galpin!  This interview offers tools for you to show up as your BEST, highest-performing self… and the knowledge to fix the things that are standing in your way.Dr. Galpin, whose background is in exercise and movement sciences and bioenergetics, […]

The Fastest Way to Build and Sustain Muscle Growth

Maximize your training with my 9-Step Efficiency Framework for Intelligent Muscle Building. Contrary to popular belief, building muscle and training for longevity shouldn’t be hard or confusing. You just don’t know how… YET. My 9-Step Efficiency Framework is my gift to you, to help you build muscle quickly, and sustain it for life.  After a […]

BOOST Mitochondrial Function and EXPAND Your Mind with Ian Mitchell

Are you ready to radically deconstruct the upper limits, and rewire your perception of what’s possible? I reached out to Ian after discovering his revolutionary approach to mitochondrial optimization – a subject that is paramount to longevity, performance and achievement.  Ian and I cover everything from how to optimize the body’s production of ATP… to […]

The Key to Bold Leadership and True Masculinity with Bedros Keuilian

“My definition of a leader, to me, is very simple: an individual that’s got a vision that’s so big, so grand, and so impactful that he or she MUST recruit others who think, feel, and operate the same way in order to accomplish that.” – Bedros Keuilian Bedros Keuilian joins me on the Muscle Intelligence […]